Amplidect 260 Cordless Phone


Digital amplified cordless telephone

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The Amplidect 260 is an easy to use cordless landline telephone packed with features to suit the user with hearing loss. With adjustable ringtone and call volume, as well as hearing aid compatibility, the Amplidect 260 can easily be used by anyone looking for a cordless solution.

The Amplidect has a clear initial volume, but also up to 5 boosted levels which can be activated with a press of button while on a call, making it easy for various users to adjust the phjone to their personal hearing level. With integrated Telecoil, this phone can be used for clear and natural calls when using telecoil activated hearing aids (telecoil must be present and activated in the aids- contact your hearing healthcare professional for more information).

The phone is visually attractive with an easy to use keypad with big buttons for those with vision loss. Even better for those with visual impairment are the voice announcements, which allow for easy set up and use of the phone. The phone can also be set up with one quick dial number for an emergency contact or most frequently dialled number.

Please note that this item is a special order, and orders may 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered.
What’s in the box?
• Amplidect 260 Handset
• Amplidect 260 base
• Mains power adaptor
• 2x AAA batteries
• Telephone line cord
• Carrying clip
• User guide