CL 8360 Mobile Phone


This mobile phone has an extra loud voice and ringing volume.

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This mobile phone has an extra loud voice and ringing volume to allow those people with hearing loss to cope better while using a cellphone. The phone is simple and easy to use, and is equipped with Bluetooth, allowing for connectivity to handsfree kits and even some hearing aids.

The keypad is backlit and the buttons are larger than the average, making dialling and texting easier for those who struggle with small numbers and keys. This telephone is also equipped with a speakerphone option that can be adjusted as needed. For those with hearing aids equipped with activated telecoil, this cellphone is t-coil compatible, allowing for clearer sound when taking calls (contact your hearing healthcare professional to discuss availability of telecoil and activation in your hearing aids).
Please note that this item is a special order, and orders may 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered.

What’s in the box?
• GSM CL8360 Mobile Phone
• Desktop charging pod
• Mains power adaptor
• Rechargeable battery
• User guide