Dry-Sun UV


Moisture and ear wax can impair the function of hearing systems and cause failures. DRY-SUN UV is an electronic drying and Cleansing station utilizing heat and ultraviolet light to protect your hearing


DRY-SUN UV is an electronic hearing aid drying and cleansing appliance that uses Comfort Dry at 55°C to extend the life of the hearing aid and Ultraviolet Light (253.7nm UV-C) to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungi or viruses. Nightly use at home, to store and care for all types of hearing aids, RIC, cochlear implant hardware, tinnitus maskers, in-ear monitors, ear moulds and hearing protection will protect both your hearing system and your health.

• Effective drying by convective flow of warm and dry air
• Two-circuit heating with automatic room- and temperature modulation
• Drying temperature range about 55 °C ± 3°C
• Low energy consumption: max. power 4,8 W mid-range power: UV-C light 1.5 W,
• Drying 2.5 W, stand-by 0.1 W
• Physical Properties: Unit: L 126 mm x W 100 mm x H 40 mm
• Weight: net: 206 g