SAM 1 Receiver Amplifier


A must-have for any hearing impaired individual in need of help with the telephone!



For those people using a corded landline phone, but struggling to hear their caller loudly enough, the SAM1 Amplifier is an easy solution. This small box connects to the phone between the base and handset, and allows the user to easily adjust the volume of the call based on their needs at the time.

This device is straightforward and easy to install, and can be used on almost any existing landline telephone. The non-slip mat under the unit keeps it securely on the desk. Because of it’s ease of use, this device is ideal for telephones that are used by more than one person with different hearing needs.

This device requires two AA batteries to operate (provided).

What’s in the box?
• SAM1 Amplifer
• 2x AA batteries (installed)
• User manual